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Our Commitment to Landowners

Dear Landowner,

As a Pennsylvania landowner with mineral rights, the past few years have been very exciting. You have almost certainly been faced with having to decide whether to develop your oil and gas rights and have probably wondered which developer to choose.

PennEnergy wants to be your partner of choice in the development of your oil and gas interests. Our founders Rich Weber and Greg Muse served as President and Senior Vice President of Marcellus Operations at Atlas Energy prior to its sale to Chevron in 2011. While at Atlas, we oversaw the responsible drilling of over 300 Marcellus Shale wells, as well as the operation of 10,000 oil and natural gas wells in eight states. We are local people with a strong commitment to Appalachian landowners and communities. Our company is built on a foundation of strong core values like honesty and integrity. We adhere to these values in everything we do because the health and safety of employees, contractors and landowners, as well as environmental stewardship, are our core to our business and personal values.

At PennEnergy, we don’t just treat your land as we would want our land to be treated, but rather, we treat your land how you want it to be treated. We understand that we are a guest on your land and in your community, which is why we must operate responsibly and safely. Your land is likely one of your most valuable and treasured assets, so we are committed to leaving it in the same, if not better condition when we complete our operations.

PennEnergy is focused on drilling, completing and producing Marcellus Shale wells. We are not a “land” company. Our company wants to drill and develop high quality acreage and not just accumulate land and leases. We bring a level of commitment and local expertise to developing energy resources that few companies can offer. We also understand the importance of being a dependable, trusted neighbor.

As you carefully consider your oil and gas development options, we hope that you will take time to learn more about PennEnergy. We would appreciate the opportunity to visit or speak with you regarding oil and gas leasing and the development process. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you that will be mutually rewarding for years to come.

Please call us at 412-275-3200 and a PennEnergy Resources representative will be available to assist you.


Richard D. Weber
Chairman & CEO
Gregory D. Muse
President & COO